City Lights at Night

Make new friends/but keep the old/ one is silver/and the other is a quadrapedal clockwork automaton that ferries me through the hedge

9:33:23:PM Arrive at Andrej Gmeur abode. Nice place.

9:35:17PM Gmeur gets phone call, picks up suitcase and leaves… strange

9:38:28PM Big Jim’s slow knock

9:40:36PM Timex watch to fix

9:41:11PM Big Jim’s slow departure

11:24:49PM Time to work. Hopefully big project it will be done by tomorrow


3:17:48AM Almost done, need a fire for the boilers

3:27:20AM Flame given willingly. My Hedge Transportation is complete! But now I need a name. Troublesome.

December 6

12:00:00AM Goblin Market! had to feed a goblin a watch to park. Good thing I always carry an extra. Shame though, good watch.

12:17:01AM Dream Merchant knows too much. Useful information, but price too high. Must think on this. Slow and Steady Wins the race.

12:53:21AM Mr. Red attempts to procure illegal narcotics, it does not go well.

2:10:15AM Promise leaves procured, this should be exciting

3:40:29AM Wren and Ondrej have gleaned much from the market. They are proving to be resourceful allies. Even Dr. Cruces would approve of their methods. This motely may be a good fit.

4:38:17AM Mr. Red referred to me as “a friend”. It is a good day.

5:06:28AM Debrief proves valuable. Satrapy of pearls involved. Ondrej too excited when I informed him of their motives. Risky people the Satraps. Nothing sacred, not even watches.

5:08:36AM Proposed pledge. Perhaps this is the right time. Can’t rush into this. Slow and Steady wins the race. Must draft a copy before I check on my life tonight.



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