City Lights at Night

Drugs on the Table

Well, that’s done and over with. The brand new Andrei Moore will not be gracing the streets of Vegas again, at least not so long as he values his life. Didn’t get my shadow back, but who the hell has one of those on the Strip anyway? I picked up some info on tarot cards at the market, something happened between them. My memories aren’t straight on this, I might be losing track of time. I need to be more careful, the market could be problematic. I did learn some valuable information from a věštec there though. I will meet a powerful woman before New Year’s. She will be opposed by a dark stranger (will I not know them or will she, one thing is for sure, it’s not Neon) I will have to choose a side, I guess they both better bring gifts. Saul was at the market, I don’t think we spoke. This loss of memory is bohyně unsettling.

Then there was Joe Pockets. Mr. Red caught a knife, his own damn fault. Don’t tell the dealers your their new competition until your putting them out of business. A rookie mistake, but he seems a nice enough guy, also not one who likes me. No one ‘round here does. That’s irrelevant, I suppose. And now their are drugs on the table; Wren’s. This group called the Satrapy of Pearls sounds interesting, I’ll need to learn more. Also, who the fuck is John Galt, really? I think I’m missing something, fucking bohyně, nasraný na Americans. Also, theres a guy, The Greek, but he’s Midwestern, he’s the connection around here. I should like to have a chat with him. Oh, the Satrapy uses a necklace as a symbol, maybe I can use that to ask around. And Pockets rides a Chopper made of bone. I’ve been thinking about getting a motorcycle. The black truck is my only ride now, and it gets hot. Yugo went to New York. Part of a different life now. Cutting ties. Different life, different person. What do prdele day is it?

Goddamn věštec. I should have knowed better than to consort with those who know what they shouldn’t.



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