City Lights at Night

Dreams, Hobs, and Vampires

4:56:58AM: Contacted my other self. Awkward. I will need to keep on working on this. My family must be safe. I have to help him as he inevitably starts to lose himself. Also the watch. Must find it. Good closure.

8:00:00AM Made our pledge. I think friends liked the wording.

3:09:21PM Friend Wren needed to experience another’s dream. Thought I could provide a safe place in the hedge for her to dream. A surprise was waiting for me. I named him Fredrick. Negotiations were tense but I think we came to an agreement. I feel that Fredrick will serve as a boon to my endeavors.

3:15:59PM Finally friend Wren’s was able to do experience her dream. Friend Red was a gentleman looking after friend Wren.

7:02:42PM the August Motley dropped off the package. Squito named Costas Petrakis came to pick it up. Joe Pockets tried to double-cross friend Wren. Glad that our entire motely came. Information gleaned: mixer was goblin fruit as suspected, I know that I’ve seen that color before. Pearl Satraps are the lost who are involved in making it. Vamps use their blood. complicated, I can only imagine what it does to a person. We have almost all the information, now we need to solve all the problems. Many loose ends. I will start one plan in motion tonight.



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