We Don't Go to Texarkana Anymore

“Look, friend, it’s not any of your concern. Now I mean it. There’s just…

Look, there’s just too much hate down that way. It’s what happens when Summer and Winter start talking too much and realize they really can have it both ways. And now if any of us walk in, you don’t walk back out. I know. I know that.

I was there. But I don’t want to talk about it."

Vincent “Dirge” DelRay, Ambassador of the Freehold of Milwaukee

“No Exit”

TJ, outside the freehold of Texarkana

Dirge doesn’t want to talk about it, but all the monarchs and the old hands agree. We don’t go to Texarkana Anymore.

We Don't Go to Texarkana Anymore

City Lights at Night SteamBadger