“I heard a funny story once. Went like this.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young lady and her handsome beau. But the young lady was afraid of getting older; she was afraid of losing her home; she was afraid that other people would ignore her someday. And so one day her beau asked her if she wanted to stop worrying about all those things, and she said yes. So he killed her, and when she woke up, those problems were gone. She was young and beautiful forever; she lost her soul but her home is still there; and other people couldn’t get her haunting, perfect face out of their heads.

And now she’s afraid all the time, even though she has nothing to be worried about.

Get it?”

Dr. Edmund Cruces, Bearer of the Onyx Crown

Changelings and Vampires have a strained relationship, a relationship only exacerbated by the horrible similarities between the two of them. They’re both beautiful and horrible, they’ve both “crossed over” and come back. And in the Capital of Second Chances, they both take a backseat to the Pelts when it comes to supernatural influence.

But Changelings have it better, in some ways. They still breathe. Still cry and eat and sit amongst human beings. And they die, and are buried, and maybe some go to heaven some day. They cheat and steal and trick people, but they don’t tend to be quite so… vicious as the Kindred.

The Kindred don’t see the Lost as all that much more important than the Kine. Okay, the fairies (as they’re derisively called) can see through the Masquerade easily, and their powers are strange and wonderful. And they’re remarkably hard to keep dead. But other than that, they’re just an especially fine vintage of Vitae in an attractive package.

The Pelts, now, that’s another matter. A personal matter. The Lupines have only run the scene in Las Vegas since the mid-1980’s, a trivial time for the Kindred. And they still lust hungrily and angrily for the days when they were in charge. Lately both wolf and jackal alike have been looking askance at the Lost of the city. The Changelings could never rise to the top, no. But they could change the balance…


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