“What does it mean, do you think, to be a person? Is it to be a human being? Because if so, my daughter, we are people no longer. We lost that perfection in the Thorns of distant Arcadia, may God save our tattered souls. But do not despair. I think that to be a person requires not untarnished souls nor unaltered bodies. To be a person is to love our fellow men, to look into the eyes of others and see ourselves. It is when we abandon this that we become monsters, and not before.”

—The Reverend Doremus Silas, of the Church of the Lost

Las Vegas is filled with people, and a fair few aren’t human. Here’s an index of those movers and shakers of Sin City, organized into the broad categories of supernatural and mundane classification. Subcategories may be found, but definitions of organizations belong in that section (i.e. LVPD, The Spring Court, The Carthian Movement etc.)








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