“The name of a man is a numbing blow from which he never recovers.” —Marshall McLuhan

Among those who inhabit the night of the City of Second Chances, a few terms crop up that your average citizen probably wouldn’t understand. This is a small index of them, organized by their typical users. Players can decide for themselves which ones they are familiar with.

(Storyteller’s Note: Do feel free to add to this list, if you want to try to coin a phrase —JMD)

Universally recognized among supernaturals:

Special People: The supernatural community of Las Vegas, NV

Pelts: Werewolves. Derogatory.

Mosquitoes or ’squitoes: Vampires. Derogatory.

The Sucks: Vampires, from a shortened version of “Succubus”. Also from what they do to their victims. Only mildly derogatory, surprisingly.

Wonderworkers: Mages. Neutral.

Fairies or FFs (Fuckin’ Fairies): Changelings. Mildly derogatory.

Helsings: Hunters.

Gomorrah Redux: A cynical term for Vegas, first coined by the Sucks. In fairly common parlance.

The War Between Heaven and Hell: Broadly speaking, the big supernatural shake-up of 1983-1985

Shiny: An adjective used for any Supernatural object, but generally not for individuals.

Pow-wow: A meet-up of representatives of the supernatural community, arbitrated by the fairies.

Changeling-Specific (lexicon covered in Changeling: The Lost is not included here):

The Rules: The Pledge of the Four Suits

Gambler: A changeling that chooses to ensorcell a mortal.

Easy Rider: A changeling that spends too much time in the Hedge (said to be traveling on “Route 66”. Also from rhyming slang: Recluse = recluse spider = Easy Rider)

Route 66: The main trod that runs through the Vegas Hedge, said to go from Chicago to Los Angeles

Expat: A changeling that lives in Las Vegas under the laws of another freehold

Sinatra: A changeling that uses his preternatural charms to gain influence. A female who does this is an “Ella”.

Bon-Vivant: A changeling that tries to leave the supernatural world behind through enjoying the pleasures of the mortal world

Bible-Thumper: A devoted follower of The Rev. Doremus Silas.

The Law: The Sheriff of the Freehold of the Four Suits. Bethany Wolfe, at present.

Drummers: Summer Courtiers. Named after John Coyote’s tendency towards Indian rituals, and their warlike tendencies.

Mimes: Winter Courtiers. From Dr. Edmund Cruces

Shadies: Autumn Courtiers. Etymology uncertain.

Monroes: Spring Courtiers. From Marilyn Monroe, an inspiration to many an Antler follower.

Going to Church: Attending one of the Rev. Silas’ services

Going to worship: Attending a normal religious service

Mundanes: Non-Special people

The World of Men and Felt: The mundane world. Archaic and formal.

The Herd: Non-Special people. Borrowed from the Kindred.

Hotel California: Arcadia

Hedge Nog: Any alcoholic beverage containing goblin fruit

Organized Crime:

A friend of mine: A temporary asset to an organized crime syndicate.

A friend of the family: A full fledged member of the Sicilian mob.

Kike Incorporated: The Jewish Mob. Highly derogatory.

Cosa Nostra: Literally, “this thing of ours”. The Sicilian mob.

The Mongrels: The organized crime syndicate of Victoria Tremaine.

The Family: The Sicilian Mafia.

The Corporation: The Jewish Mob.

The Firm: Tremaine’s crew.


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