“See? See? This is what happens when you don’t keep things under wraps, dumbass. Now look at him. When you spook the mundanes, this is what you get. You think you’re hot shit, just because of the pledges and contracts? Really? Like, fucking really? Did you forget that we all fucking ran back here? I know you didn’t mean to, stop crying! Jesus. You wanna know the fucked up part? These aren’t the only ones. There are a lot of them. I don’t know how many, exactly, but a lot. Comparatively speaking. And they organize. I could tell you stories from my friends in Philadelphia, man…

They know. And some of them get mad.

Now help me move this body before the fucking fuzz show. Holy fuck that’s a lot of blood."

Bethany Wolfe, Investigator of the Freehold of Las Vegas

It’s easy to forget, sometimes. I mean, when you live in a world of nightmares and dreams filled with goblins and faeries of every stripe and every strain, it’s easy to overlook how many people are still around. The real people, you know. But the supernatural inhabitants of Sin City let this fact escape them at their peril, because there are always a few. A few who don’t turn their eyes from the madness and take the comforting draught of ignorance. A few who step into the darkness, and carry on the Vigil…

Organizations known to be active by the Freehold of the Four Suits (this is most certainly not an all-inclusive list:

The Long Night

The Loyalists of Thule

I Cavalieri

Ashwood Abbey


City Lights at Night SteamBadger