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  • Creeps and Courts

    I en't much for the whole "dear diary" thing, so don't get offended if I don't address you, mkay?

    I've been here a little bit, so I wasn't too surprised when David showed up Thursday to tell me it was time for work. He brought a friend this …

  • Drugs and Dead Things

    I didn't ever think I'd wind up explorin' subterranean Vegas, but it's on the list of things I've done in the past week. Yesterday I went to go deliver [[:mr-red | Mr. Red]] a message-- David called and said he'd need us to open up today. Seems he's …

  • Doors and Drug Busts

    [[:masmune-masatsugu-masa | Mr. Masa]]'s Hollow-- [[August Motley | our]] Hollow-- has two doors now. That man is a marvel! He made an entire door-sized clock out of [[:ondrej-gmeur | Mr. Gmeur]]'s monster truck hubcap, and now it's a door into the …

  • Intrigue and Inebriation

    _Scribbled hastily into a brand-new journal, Ondrej's present to Wren:_

    This is the biggest party I've ever been to.

    Things are still in motion, so I en't gonna tell all, but I don't want to forget what I've learned so far.

    For …