City Lights at Night

What time is it?

6:17:36PM: Bethany Wolfe enters store. Invites me to meeting in the tunnels under city. All “interesting people” also attending. Too many people there, don’t want to go. But [:dr-edmund-cruces | Dr. Edmund Cruces]] and other monarchs in attendance. Must think on this.

6:20:11PM: WolfeLeaves. Decide to attend, must declare allegiance to winter court. Have to craft my oath and finish the watch.

6:20:55:PM: Mundane enters, problemed, attempts to pawn digital camera. I answer. Mundane unhappy, pulls a gun…cheap, Chinese. Didn’t like the gun, asked it to take a break. Mundane didn’t like that, ordered the gun to fire. Damaged 8 clocks, terrible. Mundane also died. Panic.

6:24:41PM: Wolfereturns. Explains Morse, goblin fruit used in it, must look into that. Put corpse into hedge. Had to show Wolfe my hallow, not good, must increase security. Corpse absorbed by hedge, must learn more about Morse and hedge’s desire to reclaim what rightfully belongs to it.

6:41:03PM: Commence fixed my clocks

6:48:03PM: Clocks fixed, 7 minutes exactly… am I getting slow?

11:21:44PM: Ondrej Gmeur enters. Timex, suit, moneyed… We remedy his ailment with a Skägen, grey, titanium links, very nice. He seems like a good man

12:01:13AM: Went to meeting with all other supernaturals. Vampires aggressive, don’t know what they want. Wolves organized, all work as one, like a well oiled machine…respectable.

12:37:00AM: I officially joined the ranks of winter. Ondrejdeclared Spring, his watch suits him well. Big Jim, cog and all, declared no allegiance; always been his style. Mr. Red, fiery man, no watch, went with summer. Wren Swift chose Autumn, she seems nice.

1:30:00AM: go to bar with all the new recruits. I think we may be friends.


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