The Other Mirage

Snow globe Token


Activation: The player shakes the snow globe while inside a building and pays 1 glamour, +2 on all rolls that would benefit from knowledge of that building.

Drawback: -1 wits, dex, composure while outside for 1 day.

Catch: break a glass object. You are cursed with horrible luck for 1 day on all games of chance. If the Other Mirage is activated using the catch more than once a day, the bad luck spreads to other fields of the item’s choice.


The Other Mirage gets its name since there is another famous Mirage in Las Vegas. It appears as a snow globe of Las Vegas, a very well made snow globe. Once activated the model in the globe appears real and it zooms in towards the building you are in. The Other Mirage reveals every detail of the building’s architecture, even down to who is what rooms, even partial combinations of keypad locks.

The Other Mirage

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