Red's Lighter


Normally a beaten up metal zippo with a Flash logo on the side and a B-29 style mouth over the cap, when activated, the logo twists and glows, and the cap of the lighter seem to have sharp, small teeth.

Effect: The flames produced and resulting, which range from blue to purple to dark red, burn at intensity 3 and can be drawn out to cover a size 2 fire in one turn by a contracts: elements (fire) roll. Fires fathered from the Lighter also burn at intensity 3 for Wyrd minutes after their ignition. This unusual heat makes the flames exceptionally hard to extinguish, imposing a -3 penalty on all dice pools while the effect endures, and also gives off unusually bright light, which has all the appearance and feeling of direct sunlight, but none of the supernatural effect (similar to the Contract Ulf’s Heart). The lighter is never depleted of fuel.

Drawback: Before the supernatural flames will manifest, the regular flame must be let to taste flesh. The changeling must place some part of himself in the flame for one turn, resulting in 1 lethal damage. However, the flame is a picky eater. It cannot be used directly against a hostile target, living or otherwise, for the duration of its supranational effect

Catch: Activating the lighter without a Wyrd roll or Glamour expenditure requires the user to first suffer the drawback, then let the lighter’s teeth feed on their blood, biting them for another point of lethal damage


Red's Lighter

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