Katana of the Flames

weapon (melee)

Showing the mask of a hockey stick signed by the current roster of the Phoenix Coyotes, this token is actually a deadly blade forged by Red and his armorer Masa). When activated, it shows itself as a Katana, its flat edge constantly reflecting an inferno. When the Contract of Elements – Clause Armor of the Element’s Fury is active, the manifestation may be extended over the blade, causing 4 (L) elemental damage automatically whenever any other successes are rolled, and raising its Durability by 1. Additionally, the sword is clearly the mark of an officer amongst the Lost. In any scene where combat has taken place pitting Changelings against non-Changelings, the wielder receives a +2 on all Presence rolls with those who witnessed the combat. With members of the Summer Court, that bonus extends to +3.

Drawback: The Sword is a weapon of fire and death, and it knows it. If it is used to cause Lethal damage to a sentient target, the wielder must roll Resolve+Composure-The damage dealt. Failure results in the user’s Vice being changed to Wrath and being unable to recover Willpower from their virtue for a number of days equal to the damage dealt or the end of the chapter. This effect does not stack; once a character’s Vice has been changed, he need not roll again until it has reverted.

Catch: The Katana of the Flames may be activated without Glamour by, what else, flame. Leaving it in at least a size 2 fire for at least a minute, while the mask appears to burn, will cause the blade to manifest. When it reverts t its passive state, the mask is unsigned, and the blade takes no actual damage.


Katana of the Flames

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