Wren Swift



Seeming: Beast

Kith: Windwing

Motley: August Motley

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 2

Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2

Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 3, Composure 2

Mental Skills: Computer 1, Investigation 1 (“A Little Bird Told Me…”), Occult 2

Physical Skills: Athletics 2 (Running Away), Drive 2, Firearms 2, Survival 2, Weaponry 1

Social Skills: Animal Ken 2 (Songbirds), Empathy 2, Expression 4 (Sing), Intimidation 1, Persuasion 3 (Seduction), Socialize 2, Subterfuge 1

Merits: Striking Looks 4, Mantle 3, Companion 3 (Eugene the Talking Cat), Fleet of Foot 2, Harvest (Emotions) 2, Barfly 1, Resources 1

Contracts: Fang and Talon 5 (Birds), Smoke 3, Fleeting Autumn 2, Dreams 2

Willpower: 4

Clarity: 6

Virtue: Charity

Vice: Lust

Initiative: 4

Defense: 2

Speed: 11

Health: 7

Wyrd: 5

Max Glamour: 14/5

Frailty: Claustrophobia

Pledges: Motley Pledge, Lovers’ Pledge, Vow of Monarch-Replacement

Seeming Blessing: 8-again on Animal Ken, spend Glamour to gain a die on a Presence and Composure roll

Seeming Curse: -4 dice on untrained Mental rolls, no 10-again on Intelligence-based skills


Hey there, good-lookin’. Got a request?

Sure, I know “Hotel California”. Y’know, the guy who wrote that song, he wasn’t making things up. I’m pretty sure he’s been there and back. Nobody writes something like that without knowing. She must’ve been pretty, his Keeper. I never saw mine.

It en’t been long since I… flew the coop, so to speak. A year, maybe. It’s been a strange one, all told— heck, weren’t for that gentleman over there, I might’ve been dead within a week, or back on the other side. Here I am though, and been singing the blues ever since. It keeps me from thinking about my family. What they’re doing, if they miss me, all that jazz. My daddy was a rancher, my momma made quilts and taught me to sing. Moved out to Montana, had me in ‘54— I was the spittin’ image of my momma. But I’m not gonna think about that right now.

Now, what was it you wanted? Oh. If you really, honest-to-God want me to sing “Hotel California” for you, I will. I can’t promise you’ll sleep well tonight though.

… ‘course, you’re enough of a looker… buy me a whiskey or two after the show’s over, and you might not sleep at all tonight.

Wren’s (Susan Tedeschi’s) Inspiration: Just Won’t Burn

“Wren is the quiet sort of Autumn, and that’s just what we need. I will scare those that oppose us, and punish those who insist. She will carry on, hidden, watchful and determined. Reminds me of myself many years ago, actually.” —Ms. Silver, Bearer of the Leaden Crown

“She scares me. Not because of the usual Autumn reasons, of course. It’s just… for her…
I’d go back to the City with a Hole in the World. I’d follow TJ’s prophecy that he left me with in Milwaukee. I’d break my guitar and bury my gun. God help me, I’d do almost anything.” —Vincent “Dirge” DelRay, Ambassador of the Freehold of Milwaukee

“I can’t believe I caught Joe shooting eyes at that bird. What’s she got that I don’t? Bitch.” —Jean Lunask, Lover of Misplaced Affections

Wren Swift

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