Sister Clarice



Seeming: Ogre

Kith: Witchtooth

Motley: Ten-Bones Ten-Pins

Abilities without situational modifiers:

Occult (dice pool 7, with a Specialty in Curses): Sister Clarice lives in a quiet world of study, meditation and faith, but there are many time when she must leave her cell to face the darkness in the world. She is remarkably well-equipped to face that darkness, with a body of knowledge that is both frightening and useful.

Intimidation (dice pool 6, with a specialty in Guilt): Anyone that went to Catholic school knows how scary nuns can be, and the good Sister is no exception to that rule. Whether it’s the crucial information some stupid hob is holding out on or just a little kid acting up in class, the Sister always gets her answers.

Drive (dice pool 5, with a specialty in Speeding): Okay, nobody knows exactly why, but the fact remains that Clarice can lay some rubber when the situation demands. The good Sister always gets where she needs to go in a hurry and never gets caught. Maybe it’s the Saint Christopher medallion on her rear-view mirror. After all, St. Chris never believed in “nine you’re fine, ten you’re mine” either.


“I have a library that’s written in a dozen different languages, on everything from paper to gold leaf to solid granite. It tells me secrets never whispered and sings songs whose echoes only last in the Thorns. Sometimes it doesn’t have the answers. Then I go to church.” —Jess Xavier, Faustus of the Summer Court

“That some of my brethren are so misguided as to consider people like my dear Sister monsters shows how far we have to go. Sister Clarice has suffered unspeakable horrors and unimaginable cruelty, and yet she is one of the most committed brides of the Church I have ever met. Truly a daughter of Christ.” —Vicar Peter Radcliffe, Vicar and Prefect of the Malleus Maleficarum

Sister Clarice

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