Raymond Neon

Bearer of the Emerald Crown


COMMON KNOWLEDGE: (Stuff gets lost in the flash and flare, after all)

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Polychromatic (Winter Masques pg. 84)

Virtue: Prudence

Vice: Gluttony

Relevant Merits: Allies 5 (Bon-Vivants), Status 5 (Freehold), Mantle 5 (Spring), Resources 5, Striking Looks 4, Token 5 (The Key to the City)

Contracts: Fleeting Spring 5, Vainglory 5, Hearth 5, Smoke 4

Pledges: The Pledge of the Four Suits (The Clause of Hearts)

These Fairest enjoy the benefits of the Prismatic Heart: the character can change her mood as if moving from color to color. By spending one Glamour point as a reflexive action, the character may add two dice to any rolls made to resist emotional manipulation for the duration of the scene. In addition, all Empathy rolls made against the Polychromatic suffer a penalty of one die, as her prismatic moods are difficult to read.


Heeey, Ambassador. How ya doing? Nice to see you. Sure, there’s room for one more. Jack over there was just leaving, weren’t you, Jack? That’s what I thought. Great guy, Jack. Really great.

Mr. Gmeur? Deal my friend in, if you please. Much obliged. Not often I get a chance to come out ‘round Harrah’s, although I hear you’re ‘branching out’ a bit, am I right? Now, now, don’t act so shocked. Ol’ Ray still knows how to keep an ear to the ground.

So, what’s up? Oh, is that so? Our resident wolf paid you a visit, did she? I do hope she wasn’t rude. Those civil servant types can be so… uppity, you know? Wait, what am I saying, of course you do!


Ahem. Excuse me. I laugh at my own jokes too much. Dreadfully rude, I know, I know. But what can you do? Not the politest city in the world, is it? Ahaha. Sorry, was there something concerning you?

Oh really? One of those types spooking around your place, hm? Oh, no, I wouldn’t know anything about them. Just junkies, like any others, don’t you know. They’re just… Well. Nothing. Nothing you need to worry about, Ambassador. Hell, none of us have anything to worry about, do we boys? Except that the Ambassador doesn’t have a drink yet, am I right? Eh?

Hahahaha… Ooh. Hoo hoo.

Gotta love this town, eh? Viva viva!

“Filthy, slimy, lying, underhanded son of a bitch who got off easy if you’d asked me. But I don’t speak ill of the dead, so don’t.” crosses self

Mr. Red

Raymond Neon

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