Norman Caledfwlch

Comrade of the Court of Dooms


Seeming: Beast

Kith: Broadback

Abilities without situational modifiers:

Persuasion (dice pool 7, with a specialty in Lost Causes): Norman cut his teeth stumping for Plaid Cymru for years before his Durance under the Man In the High Castle, and continues to persevere no matter the certainty of defeat. He has a peculiar ability to inspire others to his way of thinking, too.

Brawl (dice pool 6): Members of the Court of Dooms need to know how to defend themselves in both lethal and non-lethal capacities. Norman is a big buck (no pun intended), and knows how to work with his fists.

Weaponry (dice pool 6, with a specialty in Longsword): Norman took his new surname from the Welsh “Caledfwlch”, the word in that realm for Excalibur. He carries a sword, when he needs to, that he dug out of a barrow mound near Carnaforn. It shines the brightest at dusk.

Academics (dice pool 5, with a specialty in Socialism): Cardiff University is the Harvard of Wales, and Norman was a good student there. He spent about as much time talking politics with Fabians in pubs as he did studying, to be sure, but still.

Relevant Merits of Public Knowledge:

Resources 2, Mantle 4 (dusk), Fighting Style: Fencing 2, Inspiring


“Ambitious sonofabitch. Shows up here like a vulture promising help when things are bleak, only to throw a pitch that ends with him starting up his court like a goddamn franchise and taking charge. Real generous of him”

Mr. Red

“Now isn’t the time for nationalism. This isn’t an invasion. With Joanna on the throne its an occupation. Norman can get in line behind half of the rest of this town. Amends will be made, some of them steeper than others and his concerns me very little.”

Ondrej Gmeur, pretender of the Emerald Crown

Norman Caledfwlch

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