Ms. Silver

Bearer of the Leaden Crown


COMMON KNOWLEDGE (Who knows what’s behind those glasses?):

Seeming: Darkling

Kith: Leechfinger

Virtue: Hope

Vice: Wrath

Relevant Merits: Mantle 5 (autumn), Status 5 (freehold)

Contracts: Fleeting Autumn 4, Eternal Autumn 5, Smoke 3, Darkness 4, Dream 2

Pledges: The Pledge of the Four Suits (The Clause of Diamonds)


Look, doll, it’s okay. It’s okay. Just calm down, take a deep breath, and tell me what happened.

I know, honey, I know, it wasn’t your fault. But I need to know what you and Patrick were doing in that hotel room. Who you were supposed to be meeting with. Hm? Well, kid, it’s either me or you can go tell our little watchdog. And she can tell the cops. You want that?

I didn’t think so. Now talk.



So you have been dealing, you little bitch. Do you know what a headache this is for me? For your court? Didn’t you stop to think?

No, don’t speak, I don’t want your excuses. You played the game, and Pat lost. What was it, huh? Thought you had some high roller buyer, turned out to be a bunch of psychos instead? That’s what I thought. They’re not dumb, kid. Deep down, they know.

So who got you the base? Don’t lie to my face, it wasn’t Patrick. The kid was a good talker and a good lay but the Hedge escaped him. Spring court fuckers don’t know anything about the in-between.

Oooookay. Well, thanks for telling me, anyway. Here, babe, wipe the mascara off, you look like a raccoon. You fucked up, no question, but things could be worse. Just a libertine, after all. And we’ll take care of you, long as you play by the rules from now on.

Autumn protects her children. Don’t be afraid. That’s all the other courts’ job. Now let’s get you some tea. You look like you’re about to keel over.

“We need her, otherwise we’re coming back to a wasteland.”

Ondrej Gmeur, pretender to the Emerald Crown

Ms. Silver

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