Masa (Masamune Masatsugu)

Masamune (正宗) Masatsugu (正次) : Clockwork Clocksmith


Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Artist

Motley: August Motley

Court: Winter

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 2

Physical Attributes: Strength 1, Dexterity 4, Stamina 1

Social Attributes: Presence 1, Manipulation 4, Composure 2

Mental Skills: Crafts (clockwork) 5*, Investigation (Hedge) 2*, Occult (Hedge) 4*,

Physical Skills: Larceny 2*, Stealth (crowds) 2*, Survival (Hedge) 1*

Social Skills: Empathy 1*, Persuasion (Bargaining) 4*, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 2*

an * signifies an additional +1 bonus granted by a pledge

Merits: Hob Kin 2, Brownie’s Boon 1, Mantle of Winter 2, Perfect stillness 1, Resources 1, Fae Mount 5, Retainer: Frederick Blagl 5**, Token: The other Mirage 2, Bloodied Ground 3, Status: hobs 3
Hollow: size 2, wards 2, Amenities 2, Workshop 1

an * signifies ranks that are through a pledge

Contracts: Artifice 3, Hours 4, animation 3, Forge 2, dream 1,

Willpower: 4

Clarity: 4

Virtue: Prudence

Vice: Greed

Initiative: 6

Defense: 3

Armor: none

Speed: 10

Health: 5

Wyrd: 7

Max Glamour: 15 6/turn

Pledges: Motley Pledge, Blagl Pledge, (Pledge with Red)

Frailty: must give the accurate time when asked (month, day, year, time, AM/PM, seconds), dwarf (size 4)

Seeming Blessing: Spend Glamour to gain 9 again on dex rolls for the scene or gain Wyrd to dodge rating

Seeming Curse: No 10-again on presence, -2 untrained social skills
The Artist gains 8 again on all crafts rolls and can spend 1 point of glamour to reroll all failed die in a crafts roll


Masa’s mask shows an elderly Japanese man, very short (even for the stereotype), and long flowing silver hair. He looks and is frail, but new life springs into him when he works on his clocks. It as if he can live on borrowed time as long as he makes devices that measure it. His knotted knuckles dance when his tools are in his hands.

Other lost can see through his mask, revealing a an old wizened made of clockwork – or is he? There are part of him that are obviously clockwork: copper gears and metal plates, even a faint ticking sound (but that may be one of his watches that ticks especially loudly). But even the rest of him looks crafted.

Everything seems to have been deliberately placed, no hair follicle is out of place, and you can almost swear that there are some seams you can almost see. Everything down to his wrinkles seem to be artificial.

The only piece of him that is definitely human are his eyes. They are real. They are filled with a silent sorrow that removes any doubts of his humanity. His eyes reveal a man who hides behind a mask of his crafts. A man who never allows himself have an idle moment, or else he will give into despair. The only time the sorrow leaves from his eyes is when he works on an especially magnificent piece of clockwork. That is his joy in life.

Masa owns a small specialty store where he pawns, creates, and repairs watches, clocks, and locks along with a few other antiquities. He can take anything old and mechanical and make it look as good as new. The sound of ticking clocks permeates his store. It reminds him of his durance. A clockwork junkyard where he spent endless hours making mechanical creations. It didn’t matter what he made, he just had to create. It was a wasteland of gears and tools, where everything he created came to life and went against his will. Little mechanical men he made would come to life and burrow in his skin or run away. But everything in this clockwork world was overshadowed by an ever-present ticking.

Now Masa has escaped, but he still surrounds himself with ticking. Is it because part of him misses that wasteland that stretched his creativity and ingenuity to their limits? The world where he was truly challenged? Perhaps. But that is a reality that he is not ready to face. The more important fact is that Masa made most of the clocks in his store; the ticking is his. He controls it. Now it is his world of clockwork. Now he controls his world.

“blagl blagl Masa”
Frederick Blagl

“Masamune tried to hide from the world in the Hedge. To embrace the beautiful madness of the Thorns to escape the mundane terrors of the World of Men and Felt. So ironic, that in doing so, he came all the closer to his Court and his Freehold.” —Dr. Edmund Cruces, Bearer of the Onyx Crown

“He needs to quit freezing up in public. Literally. But he’s a pretty compassionate and principled guy, once you get past all the weirdness.” —Cassandra Loam, Hedgewalker of the Winter Court

“The king is. Dead. Long live. The. King.” —Hedge Owl

Masa (Masamune Masatsugu)

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