John Coyote

Bearer of the Iron Crown


COMMON KNOWLEDGE (How much do you trust a coyote?)

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Coyote (Winter Masques pg. 107)

Virtue: Faith

Vice: Lust

Contracts: Fang and Talon (canines) 5, Eternal Summer 5, Fleeting Summer 4, Omen 5 (Rites of Spring)

Relevant Merits: Mantle 5 (summer), Status 5 (freehold), Status 4 (Native American community), Resources 3, Token 4 (Spear of the Blessing Way), Striking Looks 4

Pledges: The Pledge of the Four Suits (The Clause of Spades)


Ho there, brother of mine. Come to walk beside this old dog? Come on, then, no harm in coming with. No harm from seeming, mask or kith. Come on, now.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it, that gleaming city? My Vegas. Wasn’t long ago at all, comrade, that I was the, heh, the “top dog” hereabouts. But that was a long time ago. Even the old men now don’t know. Don’t talk now.

My brothers and my sister, the Monarchs three, the four suits. We get along okay, now that old Coyote’s been put out in the doghouse. But I ain’t dead, that’s what I got left. There’s life in this old coyote yet. Bow wow wow.

Old Silver, she’s still good to me. And Cruces, man, at least he’s free. And Neon, he’s a sight to see. He take his bow.

But that ain’t why you here, is it, friend of mine? Don’t wanna hear no walkin’ blues. Don’t care to hear no talkin’ truths. You lost, not found.

You wanna ask me who He is? You know who I mean, the man in the biz. John Galt, he goes by, and Galt he is. Don’t know how.

Well, that’s too bad, brother, just kind of tough. I done my talkin’, more than enough. The answers out there, somewhere in the Rough. Where the wolves don’ howl.

No, leave me be, on this desert day. I off to sing that Blessing Way. They out there tomorrow, but not today.

Galt wit’ dem now.

“He’s a good leader and a good monarch, and powerful. I wonder why he’s not running this town sometimes, but I guess that one’s above my pay grade.”

John Coyote

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