Jess Xavier

Summer Intellectual


Seeming: Beast

Kith: Steepscrambler

Motley: The Garden Girls

Abilities without situational modifiers:

Academics (Dice Pool 7, with a specialty in Psychology): Unusually enough for a Drummer, Jess is definitely the bookish type. She holds a Psy.D. from Stanford University and is John Coyote’s most trusted adviser on any matters intellectual.

Occult (Dice Pool 6, with a specialty in the Hedge): Her knowledge of the supernatural is not quite as exhaustive as that of the material, but still respectable. Jess is particularly interested in what she refers to as “transdimensional temporal-perceptive theory”, a fancy way of saying that people’s psychological states and mental capacities effect the ways in which time passes in the Hedge.

Survival (Dice Pool 5, with a specialty in Off The Path): Jess has gotten lost a few times in the Hedge. Unpleasant as it was, the experience has hardened her and taught her a thing or two about making it in the Thorns.

Weaponry (Dice Pool 5): Summer is still Summer. A small dagger is less obvious than a gleaming broadsword, but Jess is effective with it all the same.


“She’s cute, which is always a good starting point. She’s Summer, but in the exact way I’m not, and I could use someone with a head on their shoulders to help me make sense of the Court and the world. And, she seems genuine and trustworthy, and is outside the Motley and direct chain of command, so she could be useful, especially for more… personal matters. And its not like the Raccoon thing is a deal breaker. I should really give her a call when I get a minute to start dealing with things…”
Mr. Red

“What do you call a Coyote with two eyes, four legs, a good nose, all his teeth and no brains? You call him dead, that’s what, and that’s why this old dog needs a young pup like her.” —John Coyote, Bearer of the Iron Crown

Jess Xavier

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