Jean Lunask

Emo Hacker


Abilities without situational modifiers:

Computer (dice pool 7): Jean lives on the Net, trawling for information and loose credit card numbers to bring back to John. He willingness to play on her natural good looks and alternative fashion choices has brought her a lot of… allies, if not friends on the forums.

Socialize (dice pool 5): Jean dresses like she’s looking for the party all the time, and often finds it.

Subterfuge (dice pool 4): Like all of John’s people, Jean has to lie a lot and about a variety of different things.

Occult (Dice pool 3): Jean gets excited about the occult a lot, but she’s nowhere near as knowledgeable about the world unseen as she thinks she is. Too much time on /x/ will do that to you.


“If I had a nickel for every time Jean came on to me… well, it doesn’t really matter. I’d just go play the slots and blow her off anyway.” —Roland “Joe Pockets” Checkers

“She’s kind of cute; except for the emo thing. Just needs to cheer up a bit, maybe give up on Pockets.”
Ondrej Gmeur

Jean Lunask

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