Giuseppe Ferrera

Chef de Cuisine at the Bellagio


Abilities without situational modifiers:

Craft (dice pool 7, with a specialty in Food): Giuseppe runs one of the finest restaurants in Las Vegas not out of the power of his connections, but out of his genius in the kitchen. Italian chefs to royalty and New York maestros are known to applaud or turn green with envy.

Expression (dice pool 6, with a specialty in Compliments): A chef without any elan is a terrible chef indeed, and Giuseppe holds a natural flair for showmanship and flattery.

Politics (dice pool 6): The rich, famous and ‘special’ frequent the Cucina di Spine, and Giuseppe’s maitre d’ keeps an ear to the linen.


“If there were not already a thousand reasons to keep the fairies on good terms, this would still keep me reticent to provoke a confrontation. Giueseppe’s food is worth a dozen broken bargains and a hundred careless slights. It’s that good.” —Victoria Tremaine, Alpha of the Sin City Pack

Giuseppe Ferrera

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