Elaine Mars



Abilities without situational modifiers:

Crafts (dice pool 8): Elaine is a genuine master of sculpture, but her lack of political connections means that she’s stuck with a tiny showroom instead of an installation at the MGM Grand.

Persuasion (dice pool 5): Ms. Mars hasn’t had an easy time making her way, and she’s quite experienced at getting potential sponsors to come around to her point of view.

Academics (dice pool 5): Elaine does, in fact, hold a Master’s Degree in art history, and gets a certain, quiet pleasure from research.


“Fraulein Mars’ work is, frankly, some of the best abstract metal sculpture in this city. I have nothing but respect for her, the limitations of her, ahem, ordinary station notwithstanding. Simply wunderbar” —Alois Steiger

Elaine Mars

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