Dr. Malcolm Held

Mob Doc


Abilities without situational modifiers:

Medicine (dice pool 8): Dr. Held is a doctor nearly without peer outside of Las Vegas’ most elite hospitals, but his conviction that everyone deserves treatment without the threat of police indictment keeps him out of such conventional operations.

Streetwise (dice pool 6): Although he strongly resents being hit up for illegal activities, Held’s intimate time spent with the dregs of Sin City have given him a genuinely respectable knowledge of the underworld in the Las Vegas area.

Subterfuge (dice pool 5, with a specialty in Cops): “Plausible deniability” is Malcolm’s favorite phrase, and his lawyer’s.

Intimidation (dice pool 5): Criminals often are less than polite, flexible or calm when Malcolm is called, and his powerful demeanor and experience in dealing with difficult patients often puts him firmly in control of even the most chaotic situations.


“You do good business, Doctor.”
-Ondrej Gmeur, a legitimate patient

Dr. Malcolm Held

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