David Verbover

Proprietor of the E String Bar and Grill


Abilities without situational modifiers:

Persuasion (dice pool 7): David knows how to subtly, calmly and inevitably get people to do what he wants, through a really rather impressive blend of cajoling, pleading, bribery and quiet threats.

Politics (dice pool 7): Verbover is extremely well-versed in the movers and shakers of the City of Second Chances, special and otherwise.

Streetwise (dice pool 6): Although his knowledge is definitely skewed towards his pinochle buddies, David is a good man to ask about the shadier elements of Las Vegas.

Crafts (dice pool 5 with a specialty in Brewing): He’s no Paganini in the brewhouse, but there’s probably nobody better in Las Vegas at whipping up fine and fantastic Hedge-Fruit potables.


“Fine gentleman. Very reasonable. Has some interesting friends, mind, but a fine gentleman to have as an employer.” -Wren

“A good boss and a good man, and useful on top of it. Don’t know where, or if, he’d stand in a fight, but I’m more than happy to have him as an employer.”

Mr. Red

David Verbover

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