Havelock LeStrade

A Man of Some Estate


Abilities without situational modifiers:

Politics (dice pool 9, with specialties in Supernatural and Casinos): The undisputed head of the Invictus, maybe the eldest Vampire in Las Vegas, a man that shook Sinatra’s hand and whispered secrets in his ear. There is, with one notable exception in Victoria Tremaine, no one better at pulling the gossamer strings of Gomorrah Redux.

Larceny (dice pool 7, with a specialty in Illusion): Curiously enough, LeStrade got his start playing the clubs and venues before moving to the boardrooms. He’s still a very talented magician.

Socialize (dice pool 7, with a specialty in The Rich and Famous): Any event that requires a tuxedo also requires an invitation for Havelock LeStrade. It’s just that simple.


“He’s the very worst of old Vegas, people. The corruption. The capital. The quiet, wicked certainty that the peasants will all play the game, lining up like cattle to the green velvet slaughterhouse. The word evil is not an exaggeration. Fucker.” —Costas Petrakis

“Of-fucking-course he’s not really dead. Of. Fucking. Course. I hate vampires so goddamn much.”

Mr. Red

Havelock LeStrade

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