Henry Snyder

Victoria's Bodyguard


Abilities without situational modifiers:

Brawl (dice pool 8, with a specialty in Targeted Attacks): Tangling with Henry when he’s a man is a terrible idea, so you can imagine what tangling with Henry the wolf is like.

Firearms (dice pool 7, with a specialty in the SIG P220): The Sig has been a dear friend, companion and protector to Henry for many years, and he practically babies the thing. Most babies don’t spit .45 ACP at Mach 2.

Intimidation (dice pool 6, with a specialty in Torture): Claws and teeth make quite an impression. Especially in the delicate flesh of the underarm, eyelid and inner thigh.

Socialize (dice pool 5): Henry is well trained enough to blend in well at soirees, the better to protect Vic. He can even be charming, when he’s so inclined.


“A girl’s best friend is her Beta. I don’t know what I’d do without him.” —Victoria Tremaine

“He was a good man.”

Ondrej Gmeur

Henry Snyder

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