Rocco and Socco

Legitimate Businessmen


Abilities without situational modifiers:

Streetwise (dice pool of 6, Specialty in Mob, Socco): Socco’s a sharp guy, and if he doesn’t know the shady answer you need, he definitely knows who does. Getting that person to pony up the info is another matter entirely.

Firearms (dice pool of 6, Specialty in Submachine Guns, Rocco): Rocco isn’t actually as dumb as he’s made out to be, but the part about him being good with a gun is absolutely accurate. He favors a Heckler and Koch MP5, the Tommy-Gun look of his attire notwithstanding.

Persuasion (dice pool of 6, Socco): Socco’s the one that the Cosa Nostra sends for negotiations with potential partners that are important enough to warrant a made man but not important enough to talk to the leadership. As a result, Socco’s wheeling and dealing has gotten pretty good.

Stealth (dice pool of 5, Specialty in Keeping Quiet, Rocco): Socco’s patter is so good, some people forget that Rocco’s still in the room. That’s the idea.


“Socco is more the CEO type, Rocco, the CSO. Still, I wouldn’t mess with either…much”
Ondrej Gmeur

Rocco and Socco

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