Saul Jackson

Cold-Blooded Attorney


Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Draconic

Virtue: Charity

Vice: Pride

Relevant Dice Pools:

Academics (Dice Pool 8, with a specialty in Law): In a city packed with lawyers, Saul Jackson stands a cut above the rest. His degree from Harvard Law summa cum laude and his years of experience (to say nothing of his intimidating demeanor) make him the attorney to Vegas’ very richest and very troublesome.

Occult (Dice Pool 8, with a specialty in Pledges): Saul loves the intricacies of Changeling law with a passion that far outstrips his enthusiasm for mundane jurisprudence. He is especially enthusiastic about what could be called “constitutional” pledges, those foundational agreements that constitute freeholds.

Brawl (Dice Pool 7, with a specialty in Judo): There are a lot of shiny things in Saul’s office, but one of them is a bronze medal from the Sydney Olympics, where he stood under the American flag at the men’s judo award ceremony.

Persuasion (Dice Pool 6, with a specialty in Deliberations): A lawyer without a silver tongue is a piss-poor lawyer. Saul is not a piss-poor lawyer.


Quotes about Saul:

“He’s the other half of my job, and even if we don’t always see eye-to-eye, he really does care about the freehold. Without him, I have no legitimacy. Without me, he has no order. We complement each other, even if he is an arrogant bastard.” —Bethany Wolfe, Sheriff of the Freehold of Las Vegas

“A valued adviser, and a decent man. But things have changed so much for all of us. Perhaps Saul has changed as well…?” Victoria Tremaine, Alpha Wolf of the Vegas Pack

Saul Jackson

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