City Lights at Night

Vow of Sovereignty

I have staked a claim to the Emerald Crown. Whatever freedom I may have is meaningless for me alone.

A message delivered by Charlie to the Freehold of Las Vegas on behalf of Ondrej Gmeur:
If I have learned one thing from my time here, among my family and freehold it is that we are, at times of great need, bound together by the wyrd and by love. For this reason I cannot sit idly by while Joanna Galthwaite and The Rev. Doremus Silas seek to tear this freehold apart at the seams. It is with the deepest hopes of avoiding anarchy on the one hand and tyranny on the other that I claim the title Pretender to The Emerald Crown and set out upon this quest to Texarkana with my family (My two brothers and my sister, and I suppose my brother-in-wyrd) to overthrow the Queen and defend the Monarchy. Not for pledge nor freehold, nor in this instance for family. But for the one thing which rests higher than any of these principles. Not the Reverend’s God, nor the Queen’s profit. But Freedom. Freedom for the Lost to live by the rules we set for ourselves. The rules we all chose when we emerged from those Thorns. The Freedom to choose our own way in this world. To remake it in our own image. Our OWN image, not that of our keepers, nor of any petty despot of the world of felt and men. This insistence upon moving beyond our durances may strike many as a partisan act of Spring, and so it should, for I do not desire to abandon our model of four seasonal courts, but only to bring balance to the freehold once again by once again setting the path of Spring on fertilizing the Tree of Liberty. We are Free once more. No longer bound by the heel of Neon’s pact with the pelts, nor the iron grip of our keepers. Whether our choices are ultimately for good or ill if for future generations of the Lost to decide. We can do no other action than that which appears to us to be correct. And for me that means taking this risk, which many will call foolhardy. But it has been sworn by all that is in my power to do so that I will return to right this wobbly freehold that we can once again be proud of our city. Know that we will return. Move your pieces while you may and let the Reverend position his forces, for when we return the Pledge of the Four Suits will stand defended. We will not go without a fight. For what purpose have we fought our way out of those Thorns, out of our cages and our walls than to be once more the masters of our own destiny.



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