City Lights at Night

To Best a Demon

Still stuck in Texarkana. Some interesting people here. Folks, thats what they are called here. Miles seems to be the local resistance, so far as that goes. Hopefully he’ll be free to leave once this is done, it wouldn’t be right to leave anyone caged up here longer than necessary, especially after what the mayor did to him: breaking all his fingers and cutting out his tongue. Captain Jack Montgomery is is one of the lovci but he was quite helpful when he thought I was his old partner. I have to get him back in contact with his daughter. Masa pulled the key from the stone in the name of the goblin king and one Mr. Scratches, aka Chimerias appeared. We’ve challenged him for a lifting of the ban on leaving Texarkana. Four challenges to free the city. But what can I do to best a demon? This city will not remain locked away.



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