City Lights at Night


in which Wren panics a little

Who’s that up— oh, TJ.

Said he’d see you back near Texarkana? Was that all? I really ought to ask.

“No, mine says ‘the end’. Why, what does yours say?” The end? This is the end?

‘This way lies silence’? That… no, you can’t be silent. Who will I sing with?
“Well, this way it is I guess.” Even though I want to fly home and forget all this.

no, damnit, NO! “Dirge?!” That’s not FAIR, give him back! Now I’m all alone.

Oh hell. Cage bars. Not again. God, no, it’s her. It can’t… no. NO. I won’t sing it this time. She can’t be here if the song isn’t here, maybe if I sing louder it will go away and she can’t find me, can’t put me back in there—
“Blues stay away from me, blues why won’t you let me be… don’t know why you KEEP ON HAUNTING ME—”
Ha. It worked. It worked! What’s… another cage? Oh no, nonononono…

He isn’t moving. He isn’t moving… please get up, please, please… how do I get in there? Fly. FLY. Come on, Bird. FLY.Hell, I didn’t know I could do that.
“Please get up, darlin’, please?” Shit. Wait, I know. How does this go again? A minor… “These blues have got me cryin’, oh darlin’ please come home.” Please?

Oh thank God. Jesus, darlin’, don’t scare me like that. “Sorry, I’ll try not to do it again.” How can you joke when I was so sure I lost you just now? And why did it make me smile, even so?

“Eugene! Hell, cat, I thought you were somethin’ else, with nine tails and claws like iron… oh you saw it. Then we need to go. NOW.” Fly, little bird, fly away. Fly away FAST.

Where are they… they’re all here. Everybody in one piece. Mostly.

“Holy hell, he wasn’t kiddin’. Um, long live the King?” Didn’t expect that one, though I guess I should’ve.

Be back soon. God, I hope so.



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