City Lights at Night

There are No Dragons on a Chessboard

The road diverges here, a path for each of us and my way lay slavery. The gatekeeper was there, until Frederick killed him. He is the King now, and Masa his Duke or Baron or something. The gatekeeper claimed to be a dragon and knew many things, but not nicknames. As though a series from A Christmas Carol I looked upon Snyder’s funeral. I imagine these things did not happen, but I was compelled to leave him the Crown of Thorns I had created. Snyder died for his freedom. I could pay him no higher respect. Then I saw the Reverend and Norman discussing me, at one point they stopped and looked to me to answer what I believed to be freedom. A childish attempt to complicate a simple matter. Finally I spoke with Johanna, this part seemed realer than the rest. Perhaps, perhaps not. We discussed freedom and what it took to rule the City of Lights. She claims it requires a monster, I don’t believe her, but none the less I cannot stop replaying the argument over in my mind. I fear my grasp of reality is slipping. I never wanted this. I was left no choice. Snyder is my model now. If I must die for this cause so be it. If it requires my sanity, I suppose there is little I can do to stop it. I must do as I must do. This is freedom.



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