City Lights at Night


in which there are several skeevy sort of folks, one or two nice ones and a demon

Well, here it is— and here we are, and here we will stay unless we can challenge and best a demon.

We wandered around the city for a while and found some useful information, from an old Helsing with half his memory missin’ and a man like a tree with broken fingers and no tongue (thanks to the folks in charge). Took some effort, mostly on Ondrej‘s part; we found Captain Jack Montgomery wanderin’ around near the Rough and Tumble bar downtown, and Miles Wood at the Thorn in the Wall. Interesting place, that— owned by the folks in charge now, and the bartender gave me an interestin’ bit of information: no one has ever left Texarkana. Now I know that to be false… I wonder why they don’t tell anybody about that…

Anyway, we found out the name of the demon that runs these parts— he’s called Cimerias. Goes by other names, the folks in charge call him Mr. Scratch. We didn’t have to look for him, he found us after Masa claimed the Key of the Goblin King on Frederick‘s behalf. Now things get tricky— since my brothers and I are bound together, and I’m bound to Dirge, well, that makes this all the more complicated. All of us have to challenge and best him, and if we all win we can leave (so says Scratch).

This is the part where I get scared— real scared. It’s not just fear for myself, either. I’m afraid for the people I’m bound to, the people I love. But I have no choice now; step forward and take the challenge, or live confined.

And that en’t goin’ to happen again, because I’m not goin’ to think about what will happen in that particular circumstance. No more fear, no time for that.

“I have no fear of heights,
No fear of the deep blue sea,
Although it could drown me,
I know it could drown me

No fear of the fall
No fear if it’s with you that I fall
’cause nothing could break us,
No, nothing could break us, now." (KM)



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