City Lights at Night

Paranoia and Cowardice

We took care of the Leviathan by making Lincoln Cray an offer he couldn’t refuse. Its like my father used to say, “Never force a man to work for you, he’ll do a better job if its in his interest too. Partners are better than Employees.”

Red approached me about forming a conspiracy to repel external threats to the freehold, he wants me to be in charge of the information side, I think its better to be on the inside than out.

I picked up some money from a slush fund for Casper Silverstein while I stopped off in Israel for Cray, off the record. It should be good to have more allies with the Corporation, especially with having aggravated the Firm.

Lech is still walking around also, intriguing. I verified with Pat, the meeting was legitimate. What is Cruces roll in all of this?

The Leviathan called me after dealing with the rest of the motley, it let me make a wish… I had it undue what my Keeper did unto me with the Wyrd; it remade me. I am no longer a dealer of someone else’s game, but a grandmaster of my own.

So where now? My will is no longer bound by anything but that which I have chosen. But that will not always be the case. There are those here who would oppose me. And the battle between Galt and Neon continues, with me here on the fence between a paranoid woman and a cowardly man. Someone needs to bring some sanity to Spring, and the stability that Red is so concerned about back to the Freehold. But who?



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