City Lights at Night

Over the river and through the Hedge to Texarkana we go

There isn’t much time. We are heading to Texarkana NOW.

We are leaving Church right now. Things were tense. The Reverend wants to start over, completely abandoning the pledge and converting to a dawn and dusk court system… with the Reverend in the monarch of dawn and an outsider in charge of dusk. I thought the Reverend was more selfless, but he clearly is letting his grudge cloud his judgement.

The problem is that people are so desperate to hold the Freehold together that they are willing to give the Reverend everything he is asking for.

Cruxes was the only Monarch against letting the Pledge dissolve. That is not to say that he was the only one thinking objectively, if the pledge is allowed to break then he will die, All the more reason to try and salvage the pledge. I must admit that I was surprised to see the other monarchs knowingly vote to kill Cruxes… Is John Galt that horrible that sacrificing Cruxes is really justified?

No. He is a good man, who takes care of all the lost. Allowing the pledge of the four suits to break would just be sacrificing Cruxes to Galt. We can’t let any of this happen.

So now it up to us. Our little Family: Masamune Masatsugu, Ondrej Gmeur, Mr. Red, and Wren Swift… And the Ambassador, but he is sort of like family, like a brother-in-law. Oh and Frederick, but he is like family. And Doushiro too, we can’t forget him. Alright so it is our little family… and friends. No I don’t like that either. We are all a family, there may be a core group that makes the family, but all of us have gone through so much together that we are all a family now. We’ve just gotten a little bigger.

Eugene, if you are reading this put it back. This note isn’t for you. And the Goblins will take you away and eat you!

Jim, if you are reading this and I am dead, remember to put my things in the Hedge. Take whatever interests you, I doubt that your interests and the hedges interests don’t overlap much. But whatever you don’t take please dispense my things into the Hallow.



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