City Lights at Night

Old Ground, New Times

Well, this is familiar. Over my head, in a fight whose rules I don’t know for reasons I don’t really understand. Well, I guess I understand a little this time, its a pissing contest. Even more familiar. Well, at least someone benefits from this fight. And I can’t say I’m not looking forward to it a little. Things are too subtle here, too much nuance and not enough substance. It’ll be nice to feel that prick’s nose. Little pleasures, I guess. Still, can’t say I wouldn’t trade places with Enrico. I haven’t been with anyone since I got back… I’m not even sure if everything even works the same with what we are now… Yeah, probably best not to bother asking that question, though.

Why we don’t do this kinda shindig more often I will never understand. Everyone likes a party, and less secrets could do us a world of freaking good. I had forgotten how good I am at this, how naturally it comes. Christ, was this really who I was once? I feel like I’d kick my own ass if I met me.

But in the meantime, I’m having another drink. The rest of this night should be fun…



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