City Lights at Night

Neighbors and New Leads

in which the motley finds that Red is gone (and meets the neighbors)

First he gets into a Hedge duel that goes south, then he up and disappears.

Ondrej found a note on the counter this morning, saying that Red had gone for a walk, and was with the bearer of the Iron Crown (which means the Summer monarch, John Coyote). I was inclined to believe the note, but Ondrej wasn’t, so we pursued it. He got in touch with Ms. Wolfe, who (after a long sort of roundabout conversation) eventually told us that she’d seen Coyote earlier, he’d gone out of town and that Red would probably come back in one piece, properly chastised.

Ondrej seemed satisfied with that. I certainly was. Anyway, even though I’m not worried ‘bout Red comin’ back, I’m concerned about what kind of shape he’ll be in when he does come back…

Mr. Peyton paid a visit earlier, gave me a… summons? Ms. Silver wanted to talk to me, and I’m so glad she did. She gave me a nudge in the right direction—I was ‘bout ready to beat my head ’gainst the wall, all this business about Leah and Mr. Talamh’s murder. She gave me a couple of tips— said that I ought to pursue Joe Pockets; the “Lamb of God” (a serial killer, I need to do some research. Maybe I’ll go to the library.) was framed; and Sister Clarice and a professor at UNLV, Francis Wu, might have some information for me. I have plenty of leads to chase now. I traded information with Ondrej about this, seems we’re after the same thing. First things first, I want to find Pockets. Son of a bitch knows things (pardon my language), and I need to know those things…

After I had my chat with Ms. Silver, I went to go meet the Hedge neighbors with Ondrej and Mr. Masa. Seems Frederick told Mr. Masa that we have two neighbors, and he thought we ought to go be neighborly. He made cookies out of Job’s Tears flour, both our neighbors seemed to like them. We met Sister Clarice first— she’s a nun, her Hallow’s a stone cell. Awful nice, though she hangs around with a rather curious acquaintance— but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Our other neighbor is Jess Xavier, an acquaintance of Red’s (he was dancin’ with her at Yule, she was the pretty raccoon-girl). Her space is a MASSIVE tree, spiky as all hell but that makes it defensible, I guess. She invited us up (very nice of her!), and told us a little about Sister Clarice’s friend— the Father. Father (Vicar?) Peter Radcliffe, or so she says, is a Helsing. Ondrej had heard of him, and Jess confirmed what he’d heard— something about facin’ down a demon and livin’ to talk about it. She said he en’t much for killin’ our kind, but the fangy ones are terrified of him.

I need to go talk to the Sister, maybe tomorrow. We’ll see how things go.

It’s nice to have a direction. Things are still lookin’ up, far as I’m concerned.

“Bluebird on a fencepost, oh I’ve got nothin’ left to lose
Little blues-bird, on a fencepost— and I’ve got nothin’ left to lose
Just whistlin’ with the risin’ wind, tryin’ to sing away the blues.”



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