City Lights at Night

Hellions and History

in which the motley makes a deal with a mage

I’ve got an awful lot to relay to Ms. Silver.

She was right, the computer at the Inferno is a placeholder, a housing— it was occupied by a demon called Marchosias, bound there by Lincoln Cray. We found all this out with no small amount of trouble:
Red broke into Cray’s office and stole papers and a book.
Masa copied all of it in a matter of seconds.
Ondrej returned the book and papers to the wolves.
Masa had Sister Clarice translate the book (it was in ancient Greek).
I convinced a very drunk Cray to tell me more than he ought to have.
We sorted out (with help from Eugene) just what was in the book.
Ondrej threatened Cray with exposure.
We made a deal with Cray to get rid of the demon, and we’d make him disappear. (Presto. Ha ha.)

After all that, we actually had to get in and talk to the thing. Me, Masa and Red got to ask questions— Masa asked about the Broken Tower (it fell to the will of men); I asked about Texarkana (they sowed the seeds of their own damnation); Red asked, of course, ‘who is John Galt?’ (the Spring courtier who defied the thorns). Ondrej… he got a wish from the demon.

Cray upheld his end of the bargain (get us in and send the demon back to hell), so we held up ours (get him out of here to where -hopefully- the wolves can’t find him). He gave us a pretty good run down on what happened back in the eighties. The whole ordeal is the one that nobody wants to talk about, but everybody wants to know about— there were several things that shifted all at once. Cray knocked off Tremaine’s boy; power shifted in the fangy and furry divisions, and there was an upset in our system too— someone took the throne that didn’t deserve it.

I’m not sure what Galt’s game is any more, and I’m not sure I want to know but I’m sure I’m goin’ to get tangled up in it anyway by virtue of bein’ in the same motley as Ondrej. In the mean time, maybe things will be a little more normal now that the demon’s gone…

… ah, who am I kiddin’?

“When it rains out here
It’s stormin’ on the sea
Every time I come here
Everything happens to me.” (BH)



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