City Lights at Night

Hedge block party?

Renovated the hallow. We also gave it a name: “”/campaign/city-lights-at-night/wikis/bout-that-time" class=“wiki-page-link”> ’Bout that Time“. I approve of the codename, and that we decided to refer to it by a codename… Very winter courty of the ”/campaign/city-lights-at-night/wikis/august-motley" class=“wiki-page-link”> motley.

Friend Redhas been truant. But he is in the capable, if not intimidating hands of John Coyote.

made cookies. I hope my neighbors will enjoy them. Frederick will guide us through the hedge to their abodes. I feel safer knowing my neighbors and where they live, though I won’t be in a hurry to give them directions to our hallow. Perhaps in due time they will find out.

Sister Clarice was first. Her hallow was hidden with a fake boulder. Small and plain. It opens up to the church where a Hellsingis the father. Sister Clarice either has powerful allies that are not to be trifled with. Even if she doesn’t know that she does.

Ms. Jess Xavier is our other neighbor. Very knowledgeable about supernatural affairs and anything shiny. She lives high up in a tree surrounded by thorns. Very secure.

Perhaps we could throw a block party with our neighbors… oh no wait that would be preposterous. But it would be fun if it were feasible

Spoke more with Frederick. He didn’t mind that I watched his dream. HE also can’t see the tower outside of his dreams. Interesting. Must be looked into more.



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