City Lights at Night


Well, so much for expectations.

I don’t know exactly what I thought Texarkana would be. I figured there’d be folks trapped there, jumping at any chance to escape. I figured there might be a big boss keeping them in line, someone just like Vicks, but I didn’t figure the rest of them for licking his bootheels and holdin fealty to a goddamn demon. Miles is alright at least, about what you’d expect outta spring, but better than you’d expect outta someone whose been through what he has.

I came in here expecting to play liberator, to play monarch for a little bit. Still kinda wish I’d been able to, but the humbling was probably for the best. Makes me glad Coyote will still be around when we get home, I’m not ready to take the plunge Ondrej is about to, too much of my own weaknesses to burn out first.

Ok, note to self here. If you haven’t done something about that poor man’s daughter, get your lazy ass on it future Red.

I’ll tell you what, the whole trip might have been worth it for the look on their faces when Masa pulled that key out of the stone. All that’s left now is besting a prince of hell in a one on one challenge. Always said I was faster than the devil. Time to find out if I was right.



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