City Lights at Night

Disparate Thoughts on a Desperate Eve

I was not aware that everyone knew. I believed this was something she would be glad to know people were aware of. The rush of the season has caused this problem, and I must fix it. Though the fact that Saul wants it fixed gives me some pause.

Gifts were exchanged earlier, that is what got me into this whole mess. Masa is quite drunk now, it turns out he heard Lech Kasizmierz laugh. Unsettling under the best of circumstances.

Charlie and Big Jim are part of one motley now, I should learn more, I may be able to work with them from my relationship with Charlie.

Saul told me that Leah’s being at this party means that John Galt is alive and kicking. This intrigues me, regardless that Neon told me to let it lie. Very interesting, I should very much like to know more, however I must attend to my friends first, and that means resolving this problem with Wolfe. How, I do not yet know. Perhaps Charlie will have an idea. If I run into him before her I will make a point to ask, but I believe he wants nothing more to do with her than the weekly game. He’s been here longer than I, perhaps he has advice.

I see Wren is enjoying herself speaking with the Ambassador. Not enough time to get into it, now. I have things to do, and many people to see.



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