City Lights at Night

Demons, Wishes, and more questions

Sister Clarice translated the documents for me with a schoolteacher’s ruthless red grammatical corrections.

Jim, Cassandra, Frederickand I found the door that Jim had made into the thorns, We didn’t end up needing it but it was and still is a valuable piece of information.

It is done. The demon is gone. Back to wherever it came from. Even if it was evil, I feel bad for it. Being the slave of the mage, these things do not sit well for me. It answered a question from me, reMr. Red, and Wrenand granted a wish to Ondrej. I am grateful of the information but I don’t much like being in debt to a demon, even if it is on a different plane now.

The Demon told us about the Tower, Texarkana, and John Galt. They all seem interconnected in some way, especially texarkana and the Tower. We should go there sometime, I can learn more about the tower.

Now that we have some downtime there are many things I need to take care of: I need to do some more stargazing and spend some time with Frederick, He is growing up so fast!

There is also the unfortunate matter of the other me. Cruces gave me a dagger to pin his shadow. Perhaps a visit to UNLV is needed… I am not looking forward to this.



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